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  • 8 reasons why you shouldn't do your own marketing

  • Many leaders in today’s small and mid-size companies struggle with marketing. Change is so revolutionary that as soon as they learn something new it becomes out of date.  So how do they manage their marketing function if they haven’t formalized it in some way?  Do they have a plan and do they have resources to manage the day to day activities that make marketing so challenging to deal with?

    The solution?  There are two alternatives: 1. Hire a full-time marketing person, or 2. Outsource your marketing to an experienced marketer that can bring along an appropriate and experienced team.

    Here are eight reasons why Outsourcing may be the better option for you:

    1. Marketing experience and expertise – Outsourcing allows you to tap into and leverage a solid knowledge base, accessing world-class capabilities that are not available internally, particularly if the internal option is a junior.
    2. Effective tools and channels – An experienced marketing professional will be able to help you select the best tactics for your specific circumstances.  Some of the tactics that may be recommended are in fact free.  As a result, you will know that your marketing dollars are being allocated in the most cost effective and efficient manner through the utilization of the most up-to-date tools and channels, including the latest digital and social platforms.
    3. Consistency of brand and focus – An experienced marketer does everything to ensure that the brand is delivered in a consistent manner.  This becomes tough for an internal person that may get sidetracked with other obligations and are pulled away from marketing efforts.  When outsourcing to a dedicated marketer, the marketing plan is consistently executed without gaps or interruption.
    4. Measurable results – Outsourced marketing professionals are focused on demonstrating ROI, and building measurement into campaigns wherever possible, giving you complete confidence that your company’s budget is being effectively allocated.
    5. Outside the box thinking – Fresh ideas usually come from a perspective that is not related to your industry.  An experienced marketer that works for other organizations is able to bring a unique perspective to you and your challenges that allows you to take a leadership role in your industry.
    6. Focus on your core business – Delegating marketing to a third party allows the leader to focus on their core business activities rather than on when to send out the next e-newsletter.  Having an experienced person to delegate to will help keep your marketing “on its toes”.
    7. Lower costs – Full-time senior and junior marketers can cost thousands of dollars each year. Outsourcing to an experienced marketer limits the learning curve and gets results quicker.  This will dramatically improve efficiencies and cost effectiveness and can deliver substantial savings, not to mention improved ROI.
    8. Free up internal staff – Outsourcing allows internal staff to work on other revenue-producing activities, which increases company productivity and efficiency.

    If you are looking to grow your business, marketing is essential.  And finding the right way to manage your marketing is very important.  So look at outsourcing as an option.  You will find that it has many more advantages than you originally thought possible.  And you can always get started with some marketing coaching

    Neville Pokroy consults in the areas of strategic marketing planning, as well as in the development and execution of marketing strategies and plans. He assists companies who require marketing expertise to plan and fully execute marketing programs.   He helps them make good choices, particularly with regard to the emerging technologies.  If you want to have more choice in marketing your business, set yourself apart, and increase the odds of generating additional revenue for your business, call (905)886-2235, email: neville@mastermindsolutions.ca or visit our website.  Please follow me on Twitter: @smaaketer