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  • We are slowly but surely evolving into an instant gratification society.  A society that looks for the quick answer and buys its way into satisfaction – or so we think.  If that satisfaction was so satisfying, why are we continually looking to satisfy ourselves even more with the next great widget or experience?

    This whole drive for instant gratification leads me to believe that people are on the fast track to satisfying needs and don’t often stop to find out exactly why they are doing this.  Is it a pied piper mentality of people just following, or is it just that they are too lazy to look for answers without asking relevant questions?

    This issue made me realize that business decision making is potentially on the same track of instant gratification, looking to get quick answers without pausing to ask more and better questions.  The answers to which may provide a competitive edge like no other.

    According to Simon Sinek, most people know what they do and how they do it, however very few people know WHY.  The what and how are easy – but the WHY requires some introspection and pause – a state of current reality that goes against the grain of instant gratification.

    However, as Sinek points out, it is that introspection and pause for a well thought out (and often, subconscious) answer to some far reaching questions that led companies like Apple to lead a revolution in positioning and a successful approach to delivering products that satisfy real needs.

    The attached video is a must see, and provides some incredible insight to why companies need to ask more (and really insightful) questions BEFORE embarking on the quest for the instant gratification holy grail.  If more companies took their time and planned properly, I honestly believe that there would be more successful stories for us to talk about.

    Once you have watched the video (click link at the end of this post), call us.  We can help you answer your WHY; because our process starts with WHY.

    Neville Pokroy from the marketing company Mastermind Solutions consults in the areas of strategic marketing planning, as well as in the development and execution of marketing strategies and plans. He assists companies who require marketing expertise to plan and fully execute marketing programs.   He helps them make good choices, particularly with regard to the emerging technologies.  If you want to have more choice in marketing your business, set yourself apart, and increase the odds of generating additional revenue for your business, call (905)886-2235, email: neville@mastermindsolutions.ca or visit our website.  Please follow me on Twitter: @smaaketer

    Click to view Simon Sinek’s “Start with WHY”