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  • According to Albert Einstein: The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Death, taxes and change – these are the only guarantees that we have in life.   Death – we can’t do much about.  Taxes – well some accept it and others try to avoid it – either way we all need to simply deal with it.  Change – well, that’s another story totally.  We can either ignore it or accept it, and even embrace it – that’s simply a choice that you can make.

    Here’s my challenge to you: Look back 10 years in your life – if you have experienced NO change at all, then please contact me and show me: 1. how you did it, and 2. convince me me that you are better off.  Not only will you have proven me wrong, but you’ll probably be able to convince Albert Einstein that he is Isaac Newton.

    I somehow doubt that I will get any calls.  Even the guy living off the land on that deserted island will have experienced some kind of change – whether it is within himself, physically, psychologically or emotionally, or in his surroundings.

    In business, that change is more prevalent because of the competitive nature of the world around.  Change that happens naturally we just have to deal with.  Getting ahead of change and making it happen is another story.  However, for many in business, that idea of leading change is not only a necessity, but it is often a matter of survival itself.  So, how do we get leaders to not only buy into the idea of change, get people around them to change, but to change themselves?

    While those leaders have been doing pretty much the same thing for years and years, the only time they feel the need to change is when their current situation becomes a challenge or a problem.  Very often they bemoan the fact that the results they are getting are not as good as in the past.  They complain that their people may not be working as hard or as smart, but very often the person in the mirror is still as perfect as they were all those years ago!  Addressing ones own failures is much harder to do than dealing with the “failures” of others.

    Acceptance is the starting point, and acceptance begins with a very simple exercise.  Try this and see whether you can start the process of change yourself.

    Divide a piece of paper into 4 columns:
    In column 1 – write down the most important issues/opportunities in your business that needs to change. Limit this to 5 items only;
    In column 2 – next to each of the items from column 1, write down what changes are needed to address that issue/opportunity;
    In column 3 – write down who in your organization should be responsible for that change, and why; and finally
    In column 4 – write down your name next to each item and briefly describe how you, as the leader, can contribute to the change that you are expecting from that person.

    Then take a thick red pen and mark a 1 inside a circle above column 4 (at the top of the page) and draw an arrow to the left to column 1.  This will indicate where that change process for each of the items begins – it ALWAYS begins with YOU, the leader.


    It’s because change only happens if the leader is showing people how its done – it DOES NOT happen if the leader tells everyone else that they should change and does not buy in to the same process.  The world is very different today.  No longer can we expect other people to do what we will not accept or do ourselves.  That is particularly true with the new generations that are flooding our workforce today and demanding a change in attitude.

    Lead change through your actions, and not through demanding it from others.  You will find that change happens easier, better and more effectively if you lead from the front.

    Neville Pokroy from the marketing agency Mastermind Solutions consults in the area of strategic marketing planning, as well as in the development and execution of marketing strategies and plans. He assists companies who require marketing expertise to plan and fully execute marketing programs. If you want to have more choice in marketing your business and in setting yourself apart, and increase the odds of improving company performance, visit our website.