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  • Jack Layton vs. Steve Jobs. Which brand's image will be hardest hit by the loss of their leader?

  • I recently saw a poll that was posing this intriguing question.  Indeed, while the organization’s they led are world’s apart, this question certainly raises the issue of the importance of a charismatic leader that departs and potentially leaves a huge void at the top.

    While this poll may be somewhat theoretical, it does pose the following question: how important are you to your business, and what would happen to your organization and how it is perceived in it’s market if you were no longer leading it?  I know most of us feel that we will be there leading our organization’s forever, but that in fact is the furthest from the truth.  Whether you move voluntarily or involuntarily, you should give some thought to the impact that your loss will have.

    Succession planning can only go so far.  Think beyond succession from the human resource and continuity perspective.  Give some thought to the impact that losing you, as a personality, could have, and what can you do about that?

    Some interesting food for thought, don’t you think?

    By the way, the poll results thus far showed that the NDP would be more affected by the loss of Jack Layton (58%) vs. Apple (with the loss of Steve Jobs at the helm) at only 25%.  The balance of respondents  (17%) felt that it was too early to tell which brand would be more affected.