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  • Every so often I find it useful to read a book about business and, in particular, entrepreneurship.  Over the past few weeks, two books in particular (not new, but good oldies) have caught my attention.  I would encourage everyone who is running a business (even a one-person sole proprietor) to enlighten themselves with some fresh thinking and would recommend these two books highly:

    1. The E-Myth Revisited: Why small businesses don’t work and what to do about it.  Michael E. Gerber.  The book focuses on the myth that most people that start small businesses are entrepreneurs; and the fatal assumption that a person that understands the technical work of a business can successfully run a business that does that technical work.  It explains what it takes to work on the business rather than in the business, and also provides great insight on growing the business in a productive manner.  With this book you will see yourself through different eyes….

    2. Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant. Robert T. Kiyosaki.  This book reveals why some people work less, earn more, pay less taxes, and feel more financially secure.  It lays out the four cashflow quadrants from the perspective of four different people: E – the employee; S – the self-employed; B – the business owner; and I – the investor.  More importantly, it provides perspective on what it takes to operate in each quadrant (and more interestingly, in each half of the quadrant) and why a totally different perspective is required if you would prefer to operate in a different quadrant from where you currently operate.  As with The E-Myth, this book will provide you with a new perspective in your business life, and offers you insight on what it will take to move quadrants.  If you get to the end of the month (or your fiscal year) and you say to yourself: “I’m no further ahead than when I started”, this is a great book for you.

    The great thing about both of these books is that they will offer you insight into YOURSELF, and will give you food for thought on what changes you need to make in your current situation.  If status quo is what you are comfortable with – don’t waste your time.  If change is what drives you – start reading either of these books….

    Neville Pokroy consults in the areas of strategic marketing planning, as well as in the development and execution of marketing strategies and plans. He assists companies who require marketing expertise to plan and fully execute marketing programs.