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  • Is marketing becoming a Nike society?

  • I am seeing a trend in marketing – and it is not healthy.

    The more that I read and listen to the mood in our industry, the more convinced I am that marketing is heading down a slippery slope towards commoditization.  Why do I say this?

    Instant gratification seems to be the watchword.  We’ve become a society of quick answers, quick decisions, quick fixes and very little to no planning.  I recently participated In a LinkedIn group discussion that was bemoaning the fact that planning is becoming short-term (3 months) – since when does decision making over the next 3 months become a PLAN?  I know that our environment has changed the window on turnaround times and responsiveness, however, if people are ready to make quick decisions (without the necessary questioning and weighing up of alternatives), and then evaluating that decision 3 months later, then they are always going to be in a reactive mode, jumping from one “creative” idea to the next, and not REALLY knowing what is working (or not).

    This environment is forcing people to make the easy decisions  on where to spend their marketing money because they want to move on to the next critical decision facing them.  These “easy decisions” are not always the right decisions, but it often means that a “Just do it” Nike mentality is prevailing.  Now, I love Nike – but is that truly the best approach for marketing your product or service?

    Our digital environment is providing access so easily to marketing services that many company decision makers are going it alone.  For those that utilize those services with the appropriate planning and foresight I say: all the power to you.  For those that don’t, please be careful.  That “Just do it” approach could lead you to spending your well-earned cash resources unwisely.

    Marketing is an important part of maintaining and growing your business.  Take these decisions seriously.  Just because the services are easily available, don’t “Just do it”.  Think it through, plan it well, and you’ll invest rather spend your funds well.

    If you want to embark on a professional marketing campaign spend some time planning.  This is the SMART way to go.  We can help…. or email me with any questions.

    Author: Neville Pokroy