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    For most businesses, information is golden. But where do you find good, up to date information when you aren’t tracking it yourself?

    There are numerous sources, depending on the nature of the required information. Some of these sources are hidden, and can only be found if you really know where to look. For example: Stats Canada can provide great data on market size and trends, by province if needed. But that data is not readily available on their website and one would have to request a report from them. And it’s going to cost.

    But really, what value should you place on good data that will provide you with great information on an important issue? Would you really risk making a decision without that data and information if it was available at a reasonable cost?

    There are two areas of business that are crucial in getting really good information in order to aid decision making: The Market and The Competition. Once these two areas are better understood, organizations are able to make better informed decisions on how best to proceed.

    Here is one example of how this kind of information has helped one of our clients:

    A professional services firm was unsure how to differentiate themselves from their competitors. When asked, they were unable to clearly define their competitors and their competitors’ strengths, weaknesses and positioning in the market. Our task was to define the competitive set, as well as their positioning, and then to recommend a viable differentiated positioning for the client. This was completed over a three week period and the client has been implementing the new positioning very successfully for four years already.

    Whether the information is gleaned through 1 on 1 interviews and surveying, electronic or formal research, or secondary research through the internet and hard copy data, we will find the keys to previously closed doors of valuable information, giving you an invaluable edge in your market.

    We will then be able to incorporate this information in business and marketing strategies that will set you apart in your market and provide you with a very significant competitive edge. Knowledge and information is critical to your success. We will open the door to this information in ways you could never have imagined.

    Provide us with your wish list and we’ll get our specialists in this field to provide you with the answers you need.

    Make more informed decisions with extremely valuable Competitive Intelligence and Market Research information. Click here for more information.

    About the Author

    Neville Pokroy is a principal of Mastermind Solutions Inc. He runs the Marketing practice, which includes strategic marketing planning and execution, and now also includes the Digital Umbrella. Neville has over 25 years experience in corporate marketing and consulting in entrepreneurial businesses across an extensive range of industries. Neville’s special skills include the ability to translate his corporate marketing expertise into a disciplined set of marketing skills ideal for entrepreneurial businesses.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact neville@mastermindsolutions.ca or 905-886-2235. Our discussions always start with YOUR needs. It’s the SMART way to go.

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