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  • Knowing how your customer thinks will definitely impact on business decisions, including how you can effectively sell more to them. Defining the difference between the demographics and the psychographics of marketing is critical for businesses to know. All of these factors influence decision making in business and understanding their customer, whether the customer is a business or a consumer oriented customer. These and other issues are addressed in this panel discussion, including knowing how the senses impact on decision making, making emotional and logical decisions, the influence of colour, the critical nature of understanding customer needs, and the changing nature of the customer base and media because of the generational changes.

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    So where do you take this knowledge of your customer? Once you know what they want and how they think you can start a lead generation program that is aimed at generating leads for your sales team to work. There are many aspects of a lead generation campaign, starting from your website, lists, search engine marketing, social media and much more. The choices are endless and you will need to create a well thought-out plan of action in order to effectively take advantage of this knowledge. Be careful not to just dive in to a potential solution without evaluating the consequences. Think through your options and weigh them up against each other.

    This is the SMART way to market and ensure that you get the best benefit from your lead generation activities. Make your marketing work for you and not the other way around. Many organizations feel that if they are simply busy doing marketing – that it is the right marketing, regardless of the outcome. That’s not always true. You can even automate your marketing to some degree by introducing marketing automation software that are rules based and timed based on specific customer or prospect actions. If you are interested in making your marketing happen in an automated way, please email me: neville@mastermindsolutions.ca and I’ll show you how this can work for you.

    About the Author

    Neville Pokroy is a principal of Mastermind Solutions Inc. He runs the Marketing practice, which includes strategic marketing planning and execution, and now also includes the Digital Umbrella. Neville has over 25 years experience in corporate marketing and consulting in entrepreneurial businesses across an extensive range of industries. Neville’s special skills include the ability to translate his corporate marketing expertise into a disciplined set of marketing skills ideal for entrepreneurial businesses.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact neville@mastermindsolutions.ca or 905-886-2235. Our discussions always start with YOUR needs. It’s the SMART way to go.

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