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  • Almost all organizations that I have come across in almost 30 years of marketing have had the same questions about marketing – regardless of whether they are manufacturing, distribution or service focused businesses: Am I getting the best bang for my buck? Could I be doing better? What else am I missing?

    Marketing Tip…from Neville Pokroy

    A marketing audit is most useful to senior management because it takes a strategic and a tactical approach to evaluating the opportunities facing the organization. Very often, the marketing team is operating in a tactical mode only – a situation that often exists because of the current needs and situation. From this perspective it is often very difficult for the marketing team to add to an unbiased perspective, no matter how hard they try.

    The Marketing Audit links business strategy to marketing strategy, and as such enables the marketing auditor to understand the situation from a very unique perspective.

    How much money are you spending on marketing this year? And next? Would a small investment in a marketing audit allow you to spend less? Or maybe spend the same amount – but more effectively?

    Here are two examples of how the marketing audit helped clients get a better handle on their marketing plan and their marketing spend:

    “You have provided us, for the first time since my tenure at the firm, with solid, practical guidance when assisting us to set our strategic plan, but also in the execution of the plan. You have become an integral part of our marketing group and both the managing partner and myself trust your judgment.”
    General Manager
    Law Firm

    “You helped us to identify tactics that would drive business to our clinic, at a cost significantly less than was recommended by previous marketing consultants. The implementation of your specific recommendations increased referrals from general practitioners to our clinic by 160% over a three month period.”
    MD and Owner of a Pain Management Clinic

    Isn’t it time to find out what an audit could do for you? Reset your “successmeter” to a better level…call Neville at 905-886-2235 or email Neville@mastermindsolutions.ca

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