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     Know how to market differently in a changing environment Know how my competitors operate Getting more business from present customers Have an understanding of my company's opportunities and threats How to get newer, younger customers Avoid the typical mistakes non-marketers make Build a better rapport with prospects and clients Know how I could afford to advertise (or advertise more) Have more prospects Make more effective use of my time How I can get my customers to think of me first Understand the difference between sales, marketing and advertising Understand exactly how marketing can help me Understand exactly what marketing is Spend less money on marketing Spend less time on marketing How I can differentiate my business from my competition How I can differentiate my products If I should offer other products or services Have a clear plan for growth I'd like to know how my customers really feel about my company Have a clear understanding of my company's strengths and weaknesses Identify if my prices are competitive Know if my products are truly profitable I'd like to know exactly what my customer's needs are Know of alternative ways to distribute my products Know how to maximize my advertising opportunities Make the communication in my organization more consistent and clear Understand why my major competitors are growing faster than me How I can get my prospects to think of me first Know why my customers buy from competitors Know who my competitors are How to apply over 100 powerful marketing tips Other

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